Tirkey vs Chandokh - the "Anti-Hindu" Caste Crusade continues


Prior to our initial comments below, it would be wise to recall that the British Hindu community is a religious minority here in the UK and that the UK is NOT a "secular" state or country, all religious groups do NOT share protected equality and the proudly evangelical Church of England whose declared goal is the conversion of the indegenous Dharmic people of India and elsewhare, is the Church "established by Law". As such it has powers and influence extending in to every aspect of religious, legal and political life. It would also be worth recalling that 26 Bishops sit in the House of Lords initiating, guiding and scrutinising every piece of legislation which British citizens then abide by. These details may not be known to readers in India but are pertinent to this case. The appointment of the new Archbishop saw the desire to convert non-Christians here in the UK and overseas, trumpeted openly in a manner which would have been impossible in India. Evangelic zeal is the new contribution of Archbishop Welby to our British multi-faith community and it is clear that the British Hindu Community is being targeted.


The Tirkey v Chandokh case commenced as a straightforward Employment Tribunal case, a particluarly grave case, but a case of terrible abuse by an employer, of a vulnerable employee and the judgement issued by the Tribunal has found, quite rightly in favour of Ms Tirkey.  As an employment case, the NCHT(UK) would have had no particlular interest nor indeed opinion regarding such a case, the legal process was initiated and would receive the thorough attention of the juduciary and be concluded on the basis of evidence presented.

Noteworthy is that the initial documents presented by Ms Tirkeys Counsel, contain no mention of "Caste discrimination" at all and it wasnt until the Caste issue had been ignited by the evangelicals in Lambeth Palace and become a part of the British legal landscape, that it was subsequently added to the claim. All of a sudden all of the mistreatment alleged by Ms Tirkeys counsel became attributable to the fact that she was Christian and low caste, and her employers were transformed overnight from being terrible employers to being "naturally casteist Hindus".


The BBC ( in covering this case uses the word caste 10 times, even though the judgement states clearly that Ms Tirkey is being awarded this money specifically and clearly as rightfully due to her as wages and NOT as a judgement for religious or race discrimination. The caste brand has become synonomous with "Hindu/Sikh nastiness" and the more it can be mentioned the greater the harm to all Hindus Sikhs and Jains everywhere.


There is an English saying "You need hate to hang a Dog" ie prior to killing a dog, you should generate sufficient hate or contempt amongst your neighbours so that when the time comes to deliver the blow, everyone is already prepared to say, without thinking "it was deserved" and Hindus in India and now in Britain have been watching the evangelical movements nurturing of the Caste "anti-brand" at every opportunity, the wholly "Evangelical engineered" anti-hindu brand of "Caste" is being continuously developed and now being regularly applied in any context to do with Indians and Hindus and in this case it has reared its head also.



The sustained denigration of the global Dharmic community (Hindus Sikhs and Jains) is of paramount importance if the right wing fundamentalist evangelical movement is to recover lost ground in the 1st world and "harvest souls" in the 3rd world. Here in the UK the 3 generations of the British Hindu community had made great steps in dissolving Caste consciousness altogether, by continuously creating such conflict issues, we risk its reappearance. Our deepest concern is that the religious politicisation of employment and equality legislation by Lord Harries ( ) and his colleagues will shred already fragile inter-faith dialogue in this country and fuel the flames of fear and suspicion in India, but thats always been core to the evangelical strategy of "divide and rule", so succesfully applied for the best part of 500 years.


conversion violence"Christians have always portrayed non-Christian civilizations as backwards, underdeveloped, superstitious, and barbaric. What really underlies all of their criticism is that these cultures do not accept Jesus, the Bible and their western way of life. This is what, in the Christians’ opinion, deems these cultures as needing their help, when in fact the their fervor to destroy any theistic conception other than Christianity or any temple other than a church shows that they are really the ones who are showing the qualities of barbarians." Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who passed away this week.


We note that the judgement does not appear to offer any clarity on how it has concluded that Caste exists nor that caste discrimination actually occurred and we await further details to help clarify the evidence issues, specifically with the aspects of discrimination and hope that our assertion that existing British legislation was adequate, will in fact be confirmed, and that the hasty inclusion of the undefined, unevidenced Evangelical concept of "Caste", was itself nothing short of a wholly unnecessary act of "anti Hindu" religious and racial violence.

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