The NCHT UK 2013 review

2013 was an extraordinary year for British Hindus and especially for the NCHT UK. With the blessings of elders and the phenomenal support of the members Temples, the NCHT UK team were able to confidently proceed to reestablish the Council as the champion and prime voice of the British Hindu Temple Community.

It is again recognised as the seniormost Hindu grass roots organisation, born out of the grass roots Temple Community's and actively nurturing and guiding the evolution of Sanatan Dharma in the United Kingdom.

There were many occasions where we were able to carry the torch for Sanatan Dharma but the three most significant events were probably representing the Hindu Dharma at the Cenotaph where Satishji was able to say Shardanjali for the 70,000 Indian soldiers who gave their lives in the two world wars, Rashmikantji's meeting the Prime Minister at the Downing Street Diwali celebration and finally the invitation to  Buckingham Palace where Satishji was able to present Prince William with a copy of the MahaRamayana. Also worthy of mention was Arunji's stirring speech at the House of Commons at the immensely successful Gita Jayanti Utsav, where he gave all Hindus a wonderful message with which to build our Seva in 2014. Here are a few pictures.

NCHTUK 2013 in pictures


The Council continues to be active in seeking ways to help the Temples to become strong and stable and to flourish and recently we were able to share a wonderful success with the Adhya Shakti Mandir in Cowlley, who had been on the receiving end of relentless hostility from the local planners. We were able to support their appeals and our Madhuji even presented our objections and appeals directly to Eric Pickles at one of the Depts other events! Within a matter of weeks eveyones efforts came together and our dear Jashwant Maichaji was able to announce that the appeals had been successful and the Temple could now proceed to develop as hoped for. When Hindus come together - all of Sansaar moves forward!

One of the most exciting developments has been the new website, launched in January 2013 with the hope that 50,000 hits in the first year would be a great start. As you can see from the visitor counter the site exceeded all of our expections with 249,000 hits at the end of the year! We have had visitors from all over the world, from China, Lithuania and even Iceland!

The next year will see us building on the grass roots network even further at one end and pressing the cause of British Sanatan Dharma to Government and the wider British public. On behalf of the Executive Committee and Trustees, I thank all of our member temples and volunteers for their support and contribution. Also we thank all of the new Temples and organisations who have joined us this past year and invite all Temples who are not yet members to add their wisdom and strength to the team. This year will be a pivotal one for Dharma globally and we welcome all participation with open arms. 

Here's a selection of some of the other activities and events  - please keep revisiting this page as more is being loaded as we speak - and thank you for your support.


Satish K Sharma, General Secretary




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