NCHT UK Launches Investigation into Parliamentary Prejudice

NCHT UK launches

Investigation into the existence of

Anti-Hindu Prejudice in the Legislative Machinery of Parliament.

Briefing & Discussion Document

5th August 2013





“The meaning of institutional racism is complex. What it means is that an entire organisation, and its methods of operation, are designed in such a way as to discriminate against people of race or creed, leading to poor treatment, lack of job opportunities, poor career development and progression, and barriers to justice, fairness and equality.”



With the Government announcing the Timetable for the Caste Amendment Consultation, the NCHTUK announces the formal launch of its investigation into the influence of possibly racist anti-Hindu elements within the Parliamentary legislative machinery and the degree to which the House of Lords especially and the House of Commons are institutionally, prejudicially anti-Hindu . We are seeking to establish reliable and robust evidence on the prevalence and severity of such anti Hindu prejudice and have received significant information and evidence to justify this further, more formal, investigation.

In the words of Labour politicians, “even one case is sufficient grounds for legislation” and if it is established that a single case of such influence does exist and is beyond the scope of current legislation, we should quite rightly press for legislation.


  1. an adverse judgement or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.
  2. a preconceived preference or idea
  3. the act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgements or convictions. Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race or religion.
  4. detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived, unfavourable conviction of another or others.

The Hypothesis:-

On the Basis of the NIESR report, which indicated that caste racism exists in the SIKH community (approx 90% of the cases indicating caste prejudice were SIKH), and based upon subsequent statements made by the NIESR Executive, it is hypothesised that some members of the Houses colluded to knowingly misrepresent the available evidence to Parliament and to manipulate the legislative machinery of Parliament to incite prejudice and religious hatred against the British Hindu Community. It is to be established whether, by abusing the protection of Parliamentary Privilege, Lord Harries and a coterie of prejudiced, anti Hindu Peers and Parliamentarians, deliberately conspired to permanently brand the British Hindu Community as being guilty of Dowry Killings and Female Foetus Infanticide and thus, by flimsy association alone, also guilty of perpetrating anti-Dalit, caste-prejudice based discrimination. With this association being permanently established as a characteristic of the British Hindu Community, it was a small step to then establish that this “inherently racist” Hindu community, needed to be summarily restrained by immediate legislation, without thorough examination of the evidence and without adequate consultation. This was to be achieved by creating an atmosphere of indignant outrage against British Hindus, sufficient to enable the rushing through Parliament of an amendment to existing legislation introducing Caste as an urgently needed protective term, critically without adequate definition.

Whilst considering the above hypothesis, noteworthy is the observation that it appears that this image of the British Hindu Community was accepted by virtually ALL of Ed Milliband’s LABOUR MP’s, not one of whom challenged this vilification or process, despite years of being loyally supported by the Hindu community and in all of those years, not having previously encountered this issue. All Labour MP’s voted enthusiastically for this amendment (bar a single abstention). Indeed, not only was it accepted, Labour MP’s rushed to fan the flames of Anti Hindu sentiment to ensure that this legislation passed as a matter of priority. Did Ed Milliband truly endorse this denigration of the British Hindu Community by requiring the use of the Labour whip to ensure that this amendment was passed?

The long standing democratic principle of “Legislation supported by EVIDENCE” was discarded under a deluge of emotional rhetoric and obfuscation and it would appear that an extraordinary attempt has been made by the Labour and Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians to move to a new legislative principle “legislation supported by on-the-hoof principle” alone. All politicians in both Houses who rallied around the “even one case is sufficient grounds for legislation” should immediately resign because if, henceforth, we were to apply this principle, why would the taxpayer need to pay such huge amounts to maintain the machinery of Lawmaking? We could consistently apply this mantra and as soon as a single case of any transgression is presented, automatically convert it into a Law. All of Parliaments elaborate lawmaking paraphernalia could be replaced by a simple website and the billions of pounds saved, put into perhaps, paying off students’ University loans This new principle is worthy of significant legal analysis and we welcome contribution on this particular point.

It is further to be noted that the Government, which had rejected this amendment throughout and which did not accept this representation of the British Hindu Community, attempted to resist this unsound and clearly prejudiced legislative initiative and process, until Vince Cable allegedly intervened at the (11th hour literally) and held the Government to ransom, requiring the Government to pass legislation, demanding that the Government confirm the above representation of British Hindus or risk losing the whole of the Enterprise Bill. Further evidence of Vince Cables’ and the Liberal Democrats’ involvement in this prejudicial, anti-Hindu intervention is also invited.

Bearing in mind that the above Legislative machinery has now embarked upon a Consultative process, as well as Commissioned research into the existence or otherwise of Caste-Prejudice based Discrimination in this country, it is of vital importance that this issue of institutionalised anti-Hindu prejudice be addressed as a priority. Failure to do so will undermine ALL further debate and progress on this issue and the British Hindu community, universally touted by ALL political parties as the epitome of multi cultural integration and accepted as a huge contributor to all aspects of British life, will have no option but to continue to challenge such prejudice, vociferously and in every quarter.

The purpose of this discussion document is to request evidence and contributions regarding the issue, but also to stimulate debate and seek clarity on the following issues raised by the activities of the above individuals:

  • In the 21st Century, is it possible for a House of Lords driven by anti-Hindu Racists to be permitted to influence legislation which affects Hindu’s?
  • Is it acceptable for possibly prejudiced Christian Peers (who together also form a Caste) who have a record of being supportive of religious prejudice (in the strict meaning of the word as defined above) to influence a supposedly democratic legislature, which has a bearing on other religious minorities in this country?

We are seeking evidence to support or refute the above statements of Parliamentary events. One thing is certain, if the same standard of care and quality of reasoning and evidence which was so recently used to vilify British Hindu’s as caste racist, were to be applied to our investigation, Vince Cable at the very least, could be deemed guilty of religious prejudice, under existing Race and Religious Relations legislation. There is again at the very least, a case to be made asking what prompted his so critical intervention, an intervention which was forceful enough to require the Government to execute such a hugely embarrassing policy U turn. Further we will be asking the Attorney General, Rt Honourable Dominic Grieve QC MP, to assess the degree to which due diligence was abandoned and legislative Parliamentary process perverted by the above intervention, seemingly motivated by religious prejudice.

All citizens, especially Hindu’s, agree to be voluntarily bound by Law’s which are lawfully introduced. If legislators and hence the very process of Legislation become corrupted by racist or religiously prejudiced bigots, this implicit principle is endangered. The long litany of illegal, dishonourable activities being placed at the feet of Peers and Parliamentarians is worthy of greater attention, if the dignity and integrity of the entire Legislative process is to be maintained.

It has now become almost commonplace for the mainstream media to broadcast that there are 400,000 Dalits in the UK and in the same media it is taken for granted that the remainder of British Hindus inflict prejudicial discrimination – indeed Labour MP’s are on record as stating that it is part of the Hindu psyche. The manner in which this was perpetrated is worthy of investigation and redress.

Prejudice is defined as an adverse judgement or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. A judgement has been passed on British Hindus – it takes the form of the inclusion of the word Caste into the Enterprise Act, and the EHRC is now conducting a HINDU CENTRIC research project into a phenomenon for which there is insufficient independent evidence, despite the Rt Hon Minister Maria Miller stating that Caste is NOT specific to any one religion or community. Adverse Judgement prior to investigation is PREJUDICE and it is our hypothesis that this cannot have been a mere sequence of unfortunate co incidences.

An investigation is obviously necessary and since no else, not even statutory bodies funded from our taxes and which exist to protect British citizens including Hindus, from such institutional prejudices, appear willing to respond, the NCHT UK and other Hindu organisations have no option but to defend the rights of British Hindus to exist free of prejudice – this nation is our home and our children’s future AS HINDUS is in the balance.

British Hindus, members of the oldest religion on the Earth, custodians of the earliest and oldest recorded statements regarding the existence of Divinity and the Human relationship with Divinity, and the first civilisation to articulate the multi faith mantra “all humans are one family”, are widely accepted as being the most gentle, courteous, non violent community in all nations, wherever they reside. The National Council of Hindu Temples (UK), as the leading representative of Hindu Religious organisations in the UK, cannot permit such wholly unfounded denigration and vilification of our Community nor our Dharma, most especially by racists in Parliamentary, Political and Legislative forums, to go unanswered.

This document is being circulated to all British Hindu Temples, Hindu religious Community organisations and leaders, Parliamentarians and legislators and the wider InterFaith Commmunity leaders for input. Following a full and thorough consultation, the results will be published and presented to Parliamentarians in due course, broadly following the time frame established by the EHRC consultation. We will also be publishing A3 posters for members of our Hindu congregations in constituencies up and down the country, and a questionnaire for them to present to their MP’s, especially Labour and Liberal Democrat, for clarification of their personal and political position on the above.


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NCHT UK also advises and consults on matters relating to interfaith dialogue, community consultations and capacity building in Temples, and advises and challenges legislation and policies that may affect the Hindu Community in the UK.

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