Caste and "Shakti without Bhakti.."

Brothers and Sisters in Hindu, Sikh, Jain and all Dharma traditions,



It seems that we UK Dharmi's are approaching a nexus, a moment which will define us and our next generation, and we felt it possibly worthwhile to share a few words to help with our work. We the Executive of the NCHT UK, ask for your patience as you start your day's efforts in support of the anti Caste work, both Pro Legislation & and Anti Legislation lobbys.

Firstly, as we make our case before the Establishment, it might be helpful to remember that as Dharmi's we all know that the Paramatman residing in our hridayam is the same Paratman who looks out at us from the eyes of both lobby groups - in both lobby groups there are members from across all "caste's", they are our Brothers and Sisters too and their suffering is our suffering. 

Secondly, please recall that as Jasdevji's article so clearly states, the CASTE system was created by the British Government of the day, if you havent read his article, it is critical that you do so here, "..'castism' as an attitude was promoted by Britain in the first place since 'caste' as a category is a wholly British colonial construction."  

Thirdly, Indian's and non-indians the world over are celebrating Swami Vivekanand's 150th Anniversary this year, but those who are genuine saadhaks also bow their heads with respect to Rani Rashmoni the Shudra queen who built Dakshineshwar temple, the Queen who supported Paramahansa RamaKrishna without whom there would not have been a Swami Vivekananda; the Shudra Queen without whose support for Swami Vivekanand's beloved Guru, the philosophical mind of Europe and especially the USA would have become completely immersed in Asura Vritti's. Those who are saadhaks also recall that there were social and religious leaders and priests who refused to allow Brahmins to conduct prayers in a Shudra Queens Temple, and that the "mad Brahmin RamaKrshna" broke ranks with the religious dinosaurs of that time. Rani Rashmoniji, RamaKrshnaji, Vivekanandji's names have become immortal, the names of those fossilised discriminators who refused to support these three in their Divine duty have disappeared into the dust of history. Please, please take note, in the India of only 1850, it was possible and quite NORMAL for a SHUDRA QUEEN to rule Bengal, the British colonisers had not yet completed their mischievous social re-engineering.

     On behalf of the NCHT UK, we ask everyone to please recall that all humans are born imperfect, born into an imperfect world and our Dharma declares that all can become "Siddha" - perfected by the strength of their own efforts and saadhana.

     We all of us choose our personal role models and to our brothers and sisters in the Pro Legislation lobby, we ask that you take the example of Rani Rashmoni who was known for challenging the British Raj at every turn whilst being a staunch Dharmarakshak, and who would not be deflected from her adherance to Dharma and the highest moral code. To our brothers and sisters in the Anti-legislation lobby, we ask that we ensure that our attitude remains one of Bhakti combined with Shakti, of humble resolve and determination. Shakti without Bhakti is like a knife without a handle, its also cuts the hand that wields it.

     We are living in a time and in a nation under siege from the Asur Vritti's and there are many Asur's (beings without internal harmony) of all skin colours and castes, who will find our differences a source of great amusement, as they always have. If we navigate our differences with respect for the divinity within all of us, the journey of mutual re-discovery will bear surprising fruit.

     We all grew up with this song ringing in our ears and it has always helped the listener to refocus and to recall where the real work is to be done. If you have a spare moment, please do listen to it, especially the words "Kartey hain jo aaj ladaye, sab ke sab hai yeh apney hi bhai".

Thank you for your patience and good luck with all of our meetings!

DharmaKshetra KuruKshetra...

On behalf of the Trustees and Executive of the NCHT UK



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