NCHT UK - August 2012 Update



Dear Friends & Colleagues

Namaskar, Jai Mata Ki, Jai Shri Krishna !

Here is a brief overview to date of some of the work NCHT has been engaged in.

1. NCHT successfully organised a unique three day National Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy event in Hilton Hotel Leicester, highlights of which were televised in a series of programmes. Subsequent to this event NCHT has received very positive feedback and several requests for information on how to become a Hindu Healthcare Chaplain.

NCHT Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy Conference

2. Our President attended a National Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee at St. Pauls Cathedral on 5th June as a world faith representative (Hindu) from NCHT.

3. NCHT have been closely involved in the Campaign against the environmental damage and human suffering due to the pollution and mismanagement of our Sacred river, Mata Yamuna. Our President submitted a petition to clean River Yamuna at the Indian High Commission in London along with other delegates from VHP, HCUK and ISKCON on 8th August.

4. NCHT were invited by the Appointment Committee for consultation regarding the next Archbishop of Canterbury. This meeting was attended by our President and held at Lambeth Palace along with other representatives from the Jewish, Zoroastrian, Muslim and Buddhist communities.

5. As a result of correspondence between the NCHT and the Prime Minister of Hungary, the Government there has established the church status of the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness which represents ISKCON's philosophy in Hungary.

6. NCHT President and General Secretary have been invited to attend the inaugural all day Annual Hindu Convention next month which will take place in London. The organisers have approached NCHT for its input and guidance with regards to this august event for the UK Hindu community. A full report will follow in due course.

7. Our President was jointly invited by London Borough of Hounslow Mayor and the Council Leader as a Hindu faith leader and interfaith protagonist to a cricket match between the Mayor's team and that of Council Officers. The match was followed by speeches and a dinner.

8. The NCHT General Secretary who has been serving as an adviser to the Ministry of Justice since 2010 has now been selected as the Hindu adviser to the National Offender Management Service (NOMS).

9. Our President represented NCHT as one of the chief guests at the Sant Nirankari Mandal UK “Universal Oneness Community Games” held in Hayes Middlesex. The function was highly successful and included a variety of cultural and sporting events enjoyed by all.

10. Our President is representing NCHT as a member of Hindu Christian Forum and has attended meetings at Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden.

11. The NCHT was also invited by Sant Nirankari Mandal UK to attend their “Oneness” event held at NIA Birmingham where the President received darshan and blessings from Nirankari Baba, Mata ji, Raj Mata ji for the continued success and promotion of NCHT.

12. NCHT attended the General Assembly of Hindu Forum of Europe (HFE) in Belgium of which it is a founder member.

13. Next month, NCHT President and General Secretary have been invited by HCUK to attend the Gita Conference at Shri Balaji Temple Tividale.

14. The NCHT President has attended meetings at ISKCON Temple in London representing NCHT organising ways to clean River Yamuna.

15. As an Interfaith initiative to promote harmony, mutual respect and better understanding, our President  has proposed an event to observe joint Shri Krishna Janmashtami and Eid celebrations at the Civic Centre in Hounslow.

16. NCHT Communications Officer Pt. Madhu Shastri ji was requested to commence the HFE Hindu conference held in the European Parliament in Brussels with inaugural prayers. The conference was well attended and included Members of the EU Parliament, Faith leaders, distinguished guests and Hindu delegates from all over Europe. (Refer to photo below)

17. NCHT President and General Secretary have been invited by BOPIO (British Organisation of People of Indian sub-continental Origin) to attend a conference on “Social Cohesion” taking place in November at the University of London.

18. We are proposing to celebrate Diwali at the Civic Centre in the London Borough of Hounslow this year where full amenities are available to accommodate, entertain and care for our guests. Previous venues have been quite restrictive in terms of serving prashad etc.

19. Having co-ordinated many pranpratishtha ceremonies, NCHT General Secretary and President  have been invited by the Executive Committee of the Hindu Temple of Brussels to offer their guidance and expertise to facilitate the installation of the deities acquired from India (murti sthapana).

20. Our President was invited to an event at Hindu Temple Slough hosted by Sadhvi Sushri Bhaktipriya, President of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan based in Hayes Middlesex. The function was held on the occasion of Guru Poornima and included satsang and pravachan stressing the importance of the Guru/spiritual preceptor in Sanatan Dharma.

21. With his committed and continued work for helping temples and liaising with UK Border Agency (UKBA) on their behalf, NCHT General Secretary has now been appointed by UKBA as an external DEAT committee member and adviser to one of the UK's largest Immigration Removal Centres (IRC), Morton Hall.

22. NCHT General Secretary with other faith representatives was invited by Buckingham Palace to an event hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams & Mrs Williams at Lambeth Palace to mark the inauguration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Coronation celebrations and her 60th year of reign.

23. NCHT has continued its contribution to the REC (Religious Education Council) and submitted considerable input to the curriculum and provision of RE within schools. NCHT is a member of a number of SACREs (Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education).

24. We are committed to preserving harmonious interfaith relations both nationally and on a local level. Our President and General Secretary have represented NCHT in a number of meetings and events organised by the Faith Consultative Committee, Interfaith Network and DCLG.

25. NCHT has been approached by a Hindu-owned business based in the Midlands whose family is connected to Shree Geeta Bhawan Mandir Birmingham to intercede in the case of a Pakistani company threatening to take them to court for using a Hindu word in their trading name. The Muslim family owned business is trying to prevent this Hindu shop owner and anyone else from using this trading title and trying to claim sole rights to it. They have even claimed that the Sanskrit word for worship is not exclusively Hindu and is derived from a Spanish word ! Our General Secretary has worked diligently and is liaising closely with and advising the defendant's legal Counsel. To this end NCHT has submitted an extensive statement to the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) demonstrating the etymology of the word from the Sanskrit language and its affiliation to the Hindu scriptures and Dharma and that its use cannot be restricted to any one establishment.

26. The 2012 Olympics have dominated the media these past few months and NCHT were represented by invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury and LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) for a tour of the Olympic Village site and to launch the Olympic Faith logo.

27. During the prelude to the opening of the Olympics, NCHT took part in an event arranged by one of our member organisations, International Siddhashram Shakti Centre Harrow under the auspices of Gurudev Dr Rajesh Parmar ji, in association with Metropolitan Police Harrow and Ministry of Defence to welcome the Olympic torch procession in the London Borough of Harrow.

28. NCHT have been involved closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the training of new recruits at Army Training Centre (ATC) Pirbright. NCHT Executive member Major (Rtd.) Suryaprasad Upadhya ji, our NCHT President  and General Secretary have co-ordinated and participated in whole day presentations to hundreds of new recruits about the Hindu Faith.


General Secretary



NCHT UK - Diwali 2012 - House of Lords



 NCHT UK Diwali 2012 Celebration

House of Lords




More coming soon...!


NCHT UK Aims & Objectives

The NCHT UK also act as a resource centre and is one of the main consultative & advisory bodies on all matters relating to the British Hindu community, culture and religion and regularly interacts with the following Government and Statutory Departments:

Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Education Authorities, Commission on Integration & Cohesion, Dept for Communities & Local Government (DCLG), Dept for International Development (DFID), Dept for Trade & Industry (DTI), Equalities & Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Greater London Authority (GLA), Dept for Works & Pensions (DWP), DEFRA, Food Standards Agency (FSA), Metropolitan/West Midlands Police, Interfaith Network UK, The Faith Communities Forum, RE Council for England & Wales, SACRE, Hindu Christian Forum, Council of Dharmic Faiths UK, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Hindu Faith Bodies Steering Group, National Association of the Chaplains to the Police (NACP), Multi-Faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy,Schools, Colleges, Universities, Local Multi Faith Forums and Councils.

NCHT UK also advises and consults on matters relating to interfaith dialogue, community consultations and capacity building in Temples, and advises and challenges legislation and policies that may affect the Hindu Community in the UK.



The main aims and objectives of NCHT UK are:

  • To act as an Umbrella organisation to Hindu Temples, Faith Organisations & Groups across the UK;
  • To support andassist with Capacity Building within Hindu Temples, Faith Organisations & Groups;
  • To support Hindu Temple’s applications to be added to the Home Office Borders and Immigration Agency’s Register of Sponsors in order to approve individual Priests’ visa applications to work in Hindu Places of Worship in the UK;
  • To assist Hindu Temples in their search to find appropriate and registeredHindu Priests to work intheir Temples;
  • To recommend and provide contact details of Hindu Priests to conduct weddings, religious functions and ceremonies;
  • To provide advice and informationto Government Departments, Local Councils, Public Bodies and Education Authorities;
  • To arrange Temple visits for Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Organisations;
  • To work with other faith groups for mutual appreciation of each others religion, interfaith dialogueand community cohesion;
  • To promote the advancement, achievements, consensus, cooperation and unity of Hindus in the UK;
  • To establish a position for the Hindu community within UK that is fair and based on Human Rights.


Hinduism - A short summary..




Hinduism is mankind's oldest living religious tradition, which has practiced since time immemorial. One English missionary in India, comparing Hinduism with other world civilisations long since dead, paid tribute to its endurance “...but Hinduism lives on. Age has not decayed it, rivals have not destroyed it."
The term ‘Hindu’ is related to the word Sindhu – the name of a river, which is known in English as the river Indus. Because of the difficulty in pronunciation by the Persians the river Sindhu became the river ‘Hindu’.   And the inhabitants living across the river ‘Hindu’ became Hindus and the land became to be known as Hindustan. Hence, the major religion of India (Latin derivative of Hindu), became to be known as Hinduism.

Hinduism became an umbrella description for the multitude of religious ideas in the Indian sub-continent. Some of these ideas adhere closely to the original Vedic tradition, while over the years many have incorporated local influences with regional, linguistic and doctrinal variations. The proliferation of Hindu denominations fall within three main groups: Vaishnavaism, worship of Krishna and His incarnations; Shaivism, worship of Shiva; and the Shaktas who worship Kali. The all-embracing nature of Hinduism often appears confusing for the Western mind, but despite external variety, much philosophy is common for all Hindus.

A notable feature of Hinduism, referred to as Sanatana Dharma (the eternal religion) or Vedic Dharma (pertaining to the Vedas), is that it does not originate from one prophet or teacher. The earliest record of Hindu teaching is found in the Vedas (c. 3000 B.C.), but many authorities claim that Hinduism is as old as the universe, being based upon eternal truths, which have no mortal source. Other great religions - Jainism, Buddhism, and more recently Sikhism - appeared from the Vedic tradition.

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