Investigations Update

Conclusion of Statutory & Compliance Investigations

As many of you will know, the Members of the NCHT UK removed Brij Mohan Gupta as President and "Dr Raj Pandit Sharma" as General Secretary at the AGM held in December 2012. Both were invited to attend the Meeting and given ample opportunity to respond to the "No confidence" motions but they refused and the motions were passed unanimously in absentia.
Instead of respecting the democratic will of the AGM of the Members of the Charity and retiring gracefully and with dignity, the two of them initiated a campaign of vilification and denigration on a scale which beggars belief. Only last week we were blessed with wonderful news and can now set about clarifying some of the issues in an attempt to repair the dreadful damage their actions inflicted upon the reputation of the Charity and its Officers.
We quietly, patiently and diligently bore the brunt of their defamation and denigration and continued the work of the NCHT UK, adhering to the best traditions of our Dharma and are now able to share with our members and the wider Hindu Community, details of what actually transpired.
Here are just some of the adharmic actions initiated by these two :-

  • Brij Mohan Gupta appeared on MATV and announced that he and "Dr Sahib" had been elected as President and General Secretary respectively knowing full well that this was misleading.

  • Defamatory, completely untrue emails were circulated to Government departments and also to many of the Temples in the UK, in an attempt to tarnish the reputations of the newly elected Officers,
  • Emails were circulated claiming that the Charity's Bankers were conducting a Fraud investigation,
  • The Charity Commission was advised that the Charities' affairs were being conducted in an improper manner and an investigation was initiated.
  • A false "NCHT UK" was established, complete with two unauthorised web site's
  • A possibly fictitious AGM was conducted and a "new Committee" publicised (several appointments were announced who subsequently wrote to us and confirmed that their names had been used without permission and that they weren't even at the meeting and in one case, the supposed newly elected Trustee was out of the country at the time of the false AGM!)
  • A High Court Injunction was sought to disrupt the legitimate AGM only last month (refused by the judge)
  • Only a couple of weeks ago, further ridiculous remarks were made, again by Brij Mohan Gupta on MATV, vilifying several of our most respected veteran Hindu community volunteers and more statements made which again were completely false.

It is the wish and hope of the Executive Committee and Trustees that once these details are freely available, the peerless standing of the NCHT UK will once again be restored, and that all Hindu organisations will join with us to preserve our Dharma, and to serve all Hindus in the UK, whilst continuing to adhere to the highest of our Dharmic principles.
To help this process, and in the spirit of transparency and openness we are pleased to make the following two announcements:-

    The Charity Commission wrote to us on Friday 12th July and confirmed that they were closing their investigation into the affairs of the NCHTUK. Not a single criticism or suggestion or recommendation was proposed by them and we are happy to accept this as complete exoneration and confirmation that we, the legitimate Trustees of the Charity, were innocent of wrongdoing or inappropriate process and have at all times acted within the requirements of the Law and good practice and our actions have therefore been totally vindicated. The letter is provided below and if further evidence is required, please visit the Charity Commission where additional confirmation is possible.

    The Charity's Bankers have written to "Dr Raj Pandit Sharma" advising him that they have reviewed the Charity's banking and transaction history and concluded that the record is spotless and that they will not entertain any further correspondence from him.

We would like to thank all those who gave us unflinching support through times which on occasion were truly challenging and look forward to closer relationships and to continuing our work together. We also pray that Paramatma blesses the two ex Officers with tranquility and wisdom.

The Lying Lords Video Series

The Lying Lords - The Living Diary of a Racist Offensive.

The Definition of Falsehood

1. a false statement; lie. fabrication, prevarication, falsification, canard, invention, fiction, story.
2. something false; an untrue idea, belief, etc.: The Nazis propagated the falsehood of racial superiority.
3. the act of lying or making false statements.
4. lack of conformity to truth or fact. untruthfulness, inveracity, mendacity.

The latest video release - How Racists create Racism - The Process initiated by Lord Harries.



As the falsehoods broadcast by Lord Harries and his coterie of anti-Hindu racist Lords continue to spread into mainstream thought, we felt that this process should be recorded and publicised, not as a tirade or rant but as an experiment observing Hindu spiritual principles and Laws in action.

One of the central tenets of Hinduism is the ancient concept of "Karma" or as was plagiarised "as you sow, so shall you reap". This page is dedicated to observing this process in action specifically with reference to the anti-Hindu racist falsehoods and hatred which sloshed around the chamber of the House of Lords, ironically under the guise of a Caste Discrimination bill. If the Law of Karma is indeed valid, the scale of any such malicious and hateful act, "bad karma", determines both the scale of the response and also the speed by which it returns to the sinner multiplied 10 fold. Lets see.

Another Spiritual Law is "Truth is a Shield" and this too can be tested in this expriment. The Christian scriptures declare "Thou shalt not bear false witness", and the Hindu scriptures declared many millenia earlier that "That which is Real persists Victorious" and it will be most interesting to observe and monitor this process, especially in the context of the Lying Lords. Again, lets see.

The final question is "What are you, the reader, going to do about it? As Plato "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men."  If nothing else, share this page with others, inform others, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs and others because it truly affects us all. The policies of this group of racists make events such as the Woolwich tragedy inevitable - if you don't believe this, watch the videos.


For those of you who are newcomers, welcome. This is an ongoing development and so this article will not "finish" please scroll down to the bottom of the page if you wish to follow the chronology of events in sequence, the latest developments will be at the top.

The current videos are below, two more are undergoing final editing and we have received ideas and source material for at least three more, as well as an invitation to produce a Television documentary on this whole issue. Thank you to all of our contributors!


The video which started it all.... almost 20,000 hits and still climbing.





The Fundamentalist Christian Lords take their anti-Hindu crusade "mainstream" ...




The Independent in what must be the most incompetent piece of journalism and investigative reporting in the British Political and Faith arena in many years, announced to the world that in the UK there are 400,000 Dalits and that they are discriminated against by all of the other British Hindus. The article, more suitable for "cheap tabloid" fodder than for analytical commentary, gave 3 opinions all of which were anti Hinduism, even though their journalist Emily Dugan was in possession of balancing contributions from several sources, contributions which would have presented a fair and factual opinion... but no, cheap stunts prevailed.


NCHT UK and Multi Faith

Hindu Christian Relationship under scrutiny


By way of introduction, the NCHT UK wrote to Lambeth Palace "sharing" concerns about the unashamedly racist Anti Hindu sentiments expressed by the Peers. The letter dated the 6th May is now published below for your information. An urgent meeting of the Hindu Christian Forum was called at Lambeth Palace and Satishji represented the NCHT UK and Sanjayji the AHO, at this meeting and our concerns were fully aired.

Immediately following the meeting, the NCHT UK wrote to Lambeth Palace to confirm the details of the meeting and this letter is also now published below.

The meeting led to a letter being written from the HCF to Minister Helen Grant and this too is published for your information.The letter is supportive of the need for a genuine Consultation and not a Parliamentary whitewash but it does not address the harm inflicted by Christian Lords and we are still waiting to hear from Lord Harries or his colleagues as to where the 480,000 Dalits are living here in the UK. A national search has so far failed to unearth their location.

Rest assured that as far as this particular issue is concerned, it is far from over. Unless there is genuine restitution in ACTION, all talk of British Parliamentary and Legislative Democracy is merely rhetoric.

With the AGM now very successfully behind us, the Trustees and Executive of the NCHT UK are preparing to launch a fuill investigation on the issue, the personalities involved behind the scenes, the undisputably "anti Hindu" intervention of Vince Cable at the eleventh hour, and the MP's in the House of Commons who have played Janus with Hindu interests, the face of  "sugar and nice" whilst interacting with Hindu Constituents, but a curiously anti Hindu face as soon as they enter the shadow of Parliament.....  


The NCHT UK's letter to Lambeth Palace

... the meeting that followed...

.... the Bishop of Bedford write to Minister Helen Grant


Latest Press & Media Coverage


In the Press & Media


Pardes Weekly Article 15th June 2013 (AGM 2013 & Injunction Dismissal)




Caste and "Shakti without Bhakti.."

Brothers and Sisters in Hindu, Sikh, Jain and all Dharma traditions,



It seems that we UK Dharmi's are approaching a nexus, a moment which will define us and our next generation, and we felt it possibly worthwhile to share a few words to help with our work. We the Executive of the NCHT UK, ask for your patience as you start your day's efforts in support of the anti Caste work, both Pro Legislation & and Anti Legislation lobbys.

Firstly, as we make our case before the Establishment, it might be helpful to remember that as Dharmi's we all know that the Paramatman residing in our hridayam is the same Paratman who looks out at us from the eyes of both lobby groups - in both lobby groups there are members from across all "caste's", they are our Brothers and Sisters too and their suffering is our suffering. 

Secondly, please recall that as Jasdevji's article so clearly states, the CASTE system was created by the British Government of the day, if you havent read his article, it is critical that you do so here, "..'castism' as an attitude was promoted by Britain in the first place since 'caste' as a category is a wholly British colonial construction."  

Thirdly, Indian's and non-indians the world over are celebrating Swami Vivekanand's 150th Anniversary this year, but those who are genuine saadhaks also bow their heads with respect to Rani Rashmoni the Shudra queen who built Dakshineshwar temple, the Queen who supported Paramahansa RamaKrishna without whom there would not have been a Swami Vivekananda; the Shudra Queen without whose support for Swami Vivekanand's beloved Guru, the philosophical mind of Europe and especially the USA would have become completely immersed in Asura Vritti's. Those who are saadhaks also recall that there were social and religious leaders and priests who refused to allow Brahmins to conduct prayers in a Shudra Queens Temple, and that the "mad Brahmin RamaKrshna" broke ranks with the religious dinosaurs of that time. Rani Rashmoniji, RamaKrshnaji, Vivekanandji's names have become immortal, the names of those fossilised discriminators who refused to support these three in their Divine duty have disappeared into the dust of history. Please, please take note, in the India of only 1850, it was possible and quite NORMAL for a SHUDRA QUEEN to rule Bengal, the British colonisers had not yet completed their mischievous social re-engineering.

     On behalf of the NCHT UK, we ask everyone to please recall that all humans are born imperfect, born into an imperfect world and our Dharma declares that all can become "Siddha" - perfected by the strength of their own efforts and saadhana.

     We all of us choose our personal role models and to our brothers and sisters in the Pro Legislation lobby, we ask that you take the example of Rani Rashmoni who was known for challenging the British Raj at every turn whilst being a staunch Dharmarakshak, and who would not be deflected from her adherance to Dharma and the highest moral code. To our brothers and sisters in the Anti-legislation lobby, we ask that we ensure that our attitude remains one of Bhakti combined with Shakti, of humble resolve and determination. Shakti without Bhakti is like a knife without a handle, its also cuts the hand that wields it.

     We are living in a time and in a nation under siege from the Asur Vritti's and there are many Asur's (beings without internal harmony) of all skin colours and castes, who will find our differences a source of great amusement, as they always have. If we navigate our differences with respect for the divinity within all of us, the journey of mutual re-discovery will bear surprising fruit.

     We all grew up with this song ringing in our ears and it has always helped the listener to refocus and to recall where the real work is to be done. If you have a spare moment, please do listen to it, especially the words "Kartey hain jo aaj ladaye, sab ke sab hai yeh apney hi bhai".

Thank you for your patience and good luck with all of our meetings!

DharmaKshetra KuruKshetra...

On behalf of the Trustees and Executive of the NCHT UK

NCHTUK, www.nchtuk.org,


(if you would like to leave feedback on this issue, please click here)







Alleged "Caste Discrimination" Legislation

Dear Hindu Well Wishers,
The Trustees and Executive Committee of the NCHTUK having considered the House of Lords vote, and the background evidence available to us, express our position as follows.

Many allegations are being made on all sides regarding alleged caste discrimination, its nature, the degree and severity, the fundamental Christian agenda, etc etc and these allegations are clear indication of insufficient research, of adequate quality, having been conducted.


On our WebSite home page, we declare in the words of Adi Shankaracharya, "Na mey jaati bheda - I see no Caste distinction" and that is sufficient to state the Hindu perspective.

The NCHTUK is deeply concerned at the precedent being established where a group of non Indians/non Hindu's can without adequate consultation or courtesy, assume moral authority and appoint non-Indians/non Hindu pseudo scholars, funded from the public purse to which Hindus contribute significantly in this country, to sit in judgement and scrutinise the whole of the Indian community as though we were an ant colony. This group has no issue with then  taking a "statistically embarrasing" sample of 32 anecodotal cases, heavily biased to one particular religious subsect, spanning a period of 15 years, and then has the temerity to extrapolate this to the WHOLE of the Indian community as though it were a huge problem, and then seeks to rush to legislate. We would submit that it is possible to find 32 people who are still convinced that the earth is flat, to find 32 racists who are adamant that white skinned people are genetically superior or indeed 32 people who are convinced that Elvis is still alive and that Obama is an alien.


In the words of William Paley, the famous "Christian Apologist" ..

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

We the Hindu community of the UK are again on the receiving end of contempt prior to investigation from this Legislative process. The precedent set by such sloppy research and rushed legislative process is dangerous and for the good of all British citizens, such heavy handedness MUST be resisted. The quality of legislation is only as good as the quality of the legislators and the legislative process. We would remind everyone that NOT one of Hitlers actions were ILLEGAL according to German law at the time, since all actions were preceded by speedily passing desired appropriate laws, without full and honest consultation and due diligence.


The definition of the word prejudice is:-

"an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason; any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable; unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group."

We the elected representatives of the Hindu Temple community assert that this legal process is flawed and racially prejudicial. No research has been conducted into the existence of the Jewish Caste system nor indeed the Muslim caste system not to mention the existence of a bloodline based monarchy in the UK and to catapult legislation affecting all such communities on the basis of a sample of 32 INDIAN specific, anecdotal accounts is not what we expect from our legislators.

We the NCHTUK reject the need for such rushed legislation since the very existence of a problem has NOT been adequately researched nor established. If this legislation is enacted we will challenge and resist its application as well as seek legal redress through European Legislation, because the legislative process which has been pursued is itself RACIALLY PREJUDICED.

The NCHTUK will be making our Hindu communities and congregations aware of the, in our opinion, neglectful, ill-considered manner in which members of the House of Lords and the members of the House of Commons who have supported this legislation, have acted. We expect our legislators to fully assess the data prior to voting and there is sufficient data to imply that this desire and expectation have not been respected. 

Every Indian, not just every Hindu, needs to be aware of the manner in which these legislators have worked, collectively and individually, the seeming lack of quality of attention and sensitivity they appear to have applied to this issue, focussed primarily on the Hindu community. This will be most useful information when both local and Government elections are in the pipeline.

The NCHTUK propose that appropriate, reliable, unchallengeable research is conducted, by a reputable and respected SOCIAL, RELIGIOUS and CULTURAL organisation, perhaps the Oxford University Centre for Hindu Studies, that this research is funded by Government in the same manner as the wholly inadequate and unsuitable NIESR was funded and that all legislative process is halted until the very NEED for legislation has been unquestionably established. Until this has been established the NCHT refutes the need for an educational programme, which we feel may well be wholly unnecessary.

The issue is NOT one of discrimination, which we agree is abhorrent in all its flavours and it is our submission that those who are focussing and beating the Caste drum, both pro and anti are possibly focussing on the tail and not the Elephant; the Legislative process which has been wielded against the Hindu community in its entirety, is by far the bigger cause for concern.

In Indian villages, its a common teaching imparted to children by family elders to be wary of the meddling outsider, very keen to "support/inflame" one sibling against another, and in so doing further the outsiders own purpose of disrupting the family for his own advantage. If this issue does exist, it is a FAMILY problem one which the Indian/Hindu Family is perfectly capable of resolving without "nanny state" interference. We the NCHT confirm that in the 35 years of existence, with membership of Temples representing the diverse traditions of Hinduism in all of its colours, we have NEVER encountered an instance of the alleged "systemic" discrimination. We extend a warm hand to our brothers and sisters of all Indian religious traditions to engage with us and if necessary, conduct unimpeachable valid research into this issue and to then proceed on the basis of such findings. Together we are certainly capable of doing this without the intervention of "meddling outsiders", no matter how patronisingly well meaning.

At a time when confidence in the integrity and competence of Members of both Houses is at an all time low, with recent memories of "Honours for Cash", "Expenses fraud" and "Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest", not to mention the spectacle of snoring Peers, it is critical that the legislative process is transparent and reliable. The process we are scrutinising is not so; our scrutiny has revealed the existence of a sham, discredited report masquerading as academic erudition, being relied upon by Peers in what can only be described as a disappointing and shallow process of inspection. The Peer who declared that this issue affects HALF of the Indian population in this country did little to enhance the reputation of the House as being a source of well informed, balanced legislation. This is unacceptable to the Indian Hindu Community, against whose freedom to self regulate and self manage, which has been exemplary for so many years, this offensive assault is specifically targeted.


The Trustees and Executive Committee of the National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)



Additional resources:-

The NCHT UK is not alone in being concerned in the manner in which this legislation has been thrust upon the Hindu Community and a rejectinon of this issue has been jointly expressed by almost ALL the Hindu organisations. The Joint statement can be found here.


Also of interest may be this Huffington Post article by Jasdev Sing Rai, which will no doubt open a few eyes!

..and this article will hopefully bring a smile as well as some very serious observations about conduct... "Caste & Shakti without Bhakti"

If you have feedback on this issue, please do engage with us here and share your thoughts. Thank you


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