**Kashmir - Parliamentary Debate**



 NCHT UK Supporting the Kashmiri Hindus


House of Commons

Attending the debate was Satish K Sharma, the General Secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples.  He commented, “Even though MP David Wards’ motivation in calling for the debate may have been unsound and biased, the Hindu community of the UK is indebted to him for helping to bring the issue of the genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of Pakistani Muslim terrorists, on to the national and international stage.   Bob Blackman MP and Paul Uppal MP and other members of the Government benches presented compelling, well researched arguments and the Hindu community of the UK should appreciate their contribution”.   Mr Sharma went on to say “I was  pleased that even Labour MP’s Bob Gardiner and Virendra Sharma were clear in stating that the State sponsored Pakistani Muslim campaign of terror could no longer be ignored and that British citizens of Pakistani Muslim origin should not be using this subject to ferment hatred and divisions here in the UK”


MP's giving a resounding vote of support for Kashmiri Pandits,

the Indian Government and the Indian Army.


Bob Blackman MP spelling out the realities of Ethnic Cleansing by Pakistani Muslim terrorists..

Barry Gardiner MP Lecturing David Ward MP

Virendra Sharma MP - Deeply disappointed with the bias in the debate

Paul Uppal MP, "Have more faith in the Indian Government"

{youtube}QwlHWmegW8E|600|450 {/youtube}


All Pro India Supporters of the Kashmiri Hindu Position in a single clip



... and finally, David Ward MP - before and after.



And if you really want to know the true source of the problems in Kashmir..

no-one spells it out better than Dr Christine Fair..




 KP Hindus

Some of the Kashmiri Hindus campaign team and wellwishers, after the Historical debate

Developing the Hindu Christian Relationship



Posted as registered letter to Pope Francis on 10th  December 2013 from Puducherry, India


Respected Holy Father,

Great hope for a positive change in the Catholic Church is pinned on the Pontificate of your Holiness and recent statements indicate that this hope may not be misplaced. The future, your Holiness said in November 2013, is in the respectful coexistence of diversity and in the fundamental right to religious freedom in all its dimensions, and not in muting the different voices of religion.


This statement makes eminent sense and would need to be implemented by all who presently do not subscribe to a respectful coexistence of diversity in regard to religions. However, I sense (wrongly maybe) that it is a plea for other religions to respect Christianity, rather than a commitment by the Church to respect other religions. To be precise, since Christians are occasionally persecuted in Islamic countries, it seems to be an appeal to ‘live and let live’ between the two biggest religions on earth.


Your Holiness is aware that both, Christianity and Islam, claim to be the only true religion and their God, respectively Allah alone is true. Both religions further hold that all people on earth have to accept this claim and join their particular religion to be saved and reach heaven or paradise. Both give a serious warning to those who don’t join: they will land up eternally in hell. These claims of exclusiveness are made without any evidence whatsoever, apart from the fact that the claims contradict each other, as both cannot be true. They require blind belief, and as blind, unreasonable belief is not natural for human beings, for many centuries it was enforced with state power and indoctrinated right from childhood with the fear of hell as the boogeyman.

May I ask Your Holiness to ponder how the respectful coexistence of diversity and the fundamental right to religious freedom is possible as long as these claims of exclusiveness are in place? Were these claims originally made to gain political power or were they made in the interest of the spiritual welfare of humanity? And may I also ask whether Your Holiness personally believes in these claims?

I trust that privately, Your Holiness does not believe in them, as media reported your statement that good atheists also will be redeemed. In other words, they won’t go automatically to hell. However, the Vatican took pains to clarify that Your Holiness did not mean it. Even my mother, 95 and a staunch Catholic all her life, expressed dismay that a perfectly sensible statement by the Pope was watered down.

Your Holiness may feel compelled for worldly reasons to stick to the claim of exclusiveness as dropping it would entail wrapping up all conversion attempts and in the process lose power, wealth and influence. Further there may be fear that other Christian denominations will not go along and will gain an advantage over the Catholic Church. Still another worry may be that Islam will not drop the claim of exclusiveness and will push aggressively for conversion.

However, the Catholic Church was the first institution to put up this baseless claim, which has brought unspeakable disaster upon humankind. From this claim the Church derived not only the ‘right’, but the ‘duty’ to storm across the globe and impose forcefully her ‘belief system’ – in Europe, in the Americas and in Africa and now in Asia. It was no doubt an ingenious ploy to claim that God wants everyone to become Christian. . Mark Twain famously said, “Religion was born when the first con-man met the first fool”. I would change it, “Dogmatic religion was born when ….”.

Some centuries later, Islam followed suit, claiming that Allah wants everyone to accept Islam, and we all know the violent conflicts resulting from those unsubstantiated claims. Since the Catholic Church started this disastrous trend, she needs to reverse it. The welfare of humanity as a whole has to be the concern and not the welfare of a religious institution. Hopefully Your Holiness has the courage to make a real, clear change for the better and will not fall for hairsplitting theological arguments, like ‘redemption is possible but not salvation’, etc.

Most Christians especially in Europe don’t believe anymore in unreasonable claims. The sad thing is that together with the dogmas, many reject belief in God altogether. They have not learnt to listen to their conscience and to enquire into truth, as the Church has played the role of the conscience- and truth-keeper for too long. The consequences for our societies are there for everyone to see.

However, many Christians do start pondering and believe in a ‘great power’, but not in the Christian God. For example, when I asked some fifty Christians in Germany whether they believe that Hindus who heard about Jesus Christ, but do not convert, will go to hell, nobody said yes. Even a priest said no. And not a single German I met was in favour of missionary activity in India. Yet Pope John Paul II declared in India the intention of the Church to plant the cross in Asia in the new millennium and considered India as a field for a rich harvest, which goes completely against ‘respectful coexistence’.

I live in India since 33 years and can assert with full confidence that India has no need of Christian missionaries, and yet huge sums of money are being pumped in to lure converts with material benefits and to build churches. I am aware that Your Holiness is responsible only for Catholics and not for the myriad of other Christian denominations that prey on poor Hindus, but if the Catholic Church made a start of truly respecting Hindus, it would have a big impact.Maria Wirth sml

Maybe Your Holiness is under the impression that Hinduism is a depraved religion and Hindus would do well to accept the Christian God instead of their multiple gods. Such an impression would be completely wrong. There is no other religion that is –unjustly – denigrated as badly as Hinduism. Sorry to say that Christian (including Catholic) missionaries are in the forefront of this vilification campaign. Few people in the west know how profound India’s ancient tradition is. A solid philosophical basis for our existence and helpful tenets for a fulfilling, meaningful life had been known in India long before ‘religions’, as we know them today, came into being. The only addition Christianity brought in anew, are unverifiable dogmas that cannot possibly have a bearing on the absolute Truth. Can an event in history impact the absolute Truth? Will Truth make a distinction between people who are baptized and those who are not? “There is no salvation outside the Church” is, and I may be excused for using strong language, ridiculous.

The Indian rishis had discovered ages ago that an all-pervading Presence is at the core of this universe, indescribable, but best described as absolute consciousness. Further, the Hindu law of karma preceded the Christian dictum “as you sow so you reap’. A Council stopped Christians from believing in rebirth which would explain many riddles that trouble them, for example why there is great injustice already at birth? The advantage of having a perfect person as a friend and guide on the spiritual path was known in India, but till some 2000 years ago nobody claimed that ‘only’ Krishna or ‘only’ Ram or ‘only’ Buddha can lead to salvation and that whoever does not believe it, goes to hell. “Truth is One, the wise call it by many names”, the Indian rishis declared and listed different names of gods. That was at a time, when Christianity was nowhere in sight. Surely they would have included ‘God’ as another name and Jesus as an avatar, not expecting to be backstabbed by followers of “God” declaring: “Truth is one and must be called only by one name and is fully revealed only in one book.”

The multiple gods in Hinduism are personified powers that help to access the formless, nameless Presence that is in all of us. Christians in India are told that Hindu gods are devils. At the same time, Christianity tries to revive (possibly inspired by Hinduism) belief in angels, as devotion for the Invisible is easier by focusing on images.

Hinduism is not a belief system. It is a knowledge system. It is a genuine enquiry into what is true about us and the world. Hindus are not required to believe anything that does not make sense and can never be verified. There is complete freedom. Yes, most believe in rebirth, which makes sense. Most believe in an all pervading Brahman (many other names are in use) that is also in humans. Most believe that this divine essence can be experienced in oneself, if the person purifies herself by certain disciplines coupled with devotion. This belief is verifiable. It is not blind. There were many Rishis who realized their oneness with Brahman. In Christianity, too, there were mystics who experienced oneness with the Divine like Meister Eckhart did. Sadly, he was excommunicated by the Church. Why is the Church resisting scientific insight that there is some mystery essence in everything? And why is it difficult to accept that in the long, long history of humanity, there were several, not only one, outstanding personalities who showed the way to the truth?

Holy Father, I request you in all sincerity to be such an outstanding personality who guides his followers on a path of expansion, and does not straight-jacket them into an unbelievable belief system, which among others demands converting Hindus to Christianity. Your Holiness is venerated as the representative of the Highest Power in this universe by over a billion of Catholics. Many of your predecessors were not worthy of this veneration. Utmost truthfulness and integrity are required. Calculations about worldly power must not come in the way. The Catholic Church surely would benefit, not lose out, if it honors Truth and gives up its claim that there is no salvation outside the Church. Truth cannot be cheated; neither can it be contained in a book. Truth is what we basically are. Hindus, whose religion is universal and all-encompassing, respect diverse traditions. They are one of the most cultured, gentle and peace-loving people on earth who live and let live, unless greatly provoked.

Holy Father, if you are serious about respecting other religions, the claim of exclusiveness must be scrapped and Hindus who have given to the world a deep philosophy and a great culture, must be respected. Many of us look forward to hearing truly good news from the Catholic Church under your stewardship. The main issue that plagues the Church is not whether women should be priests or whether divorcees can take Holy Communion .The main issue is the unfounded claim of exclusiveness regarding ‘salvation’. It divides humanity into us who are right and saved, versus them who are wrong and damned. Kindly drop this harmful claim and make your Pontificate truly memorable and beneficial for all humanity.

Yours Sincerely

Maria Wirth

Posted as registered letter to Pope Francis on 10th  December 2013 from Puducherry, India

The NCHT UK 2013 review

2013 was an extraordinary year for British Hindus and especially for the NCHT UK. With the blessings of elders and the phenomenal support of the members Temples, the NCHT UK team were able to confidently proceed to reestablish the Council as the champion and prime voice of the British Hindu Temple Community.

It is again recognised as the seniormost Hindu grass roots organisation, born out of the grass roots Temple Community's and actively nurturing and guiding the evolution of Sanatan Dharma in the United Kingdom.

There were many occasions where we were able to carry the torch for Sanatan Dharma but the three most significant events were probably representing the Hindu Dharma at the Cenotaph where Satishji was able to say Shardanjali for the 70,000 Indian soldiers who gave their lives in the two world wars, Rashmikantji's meeting the Prime Minister at the Downing Street Diwali celebration and finally the invitation to  Buckingham Palace where Satishji was able to present Prince William with a copy of the MahaRamayana. Also worthy of mention was Arunji's stirring speech at the House of Commons at the immensely successful Gita Jayanti Utsav, where he gave all Hindus a wonderful message with which to build our Seva in 2014. Here are a few pictures.

NCHTUK 2013 in pictures


The Council continues to be active in seeking ways to help the Temples to become strong and stable and to flourish and recently we were able to share a wonderful success with the Adhya Shakti Mandir in Cowlley, who had been on the receiving end of relentless hostility from the local planners. We were able to support their appeals and our Madhuji even presented our objections and appeals directly to Eric Pickles at one of the Depts other events! Within a matter of weeks eveyones efforts came together and our dear Jashwant Maichaji was able to announce that the appeals had been successful and the Temple could now proceed to develop as hoped for. When Hindus come together - all of Sansaar moves forward!

One of the most exciting developments has been the new website, launched in January 2013 with the hope that 50,000 hits in the first year would be a great start. As you can see from the visitor counter the site exceeded all of our expections with 249,000 hits at the end of the year! We have had visitors from all over the world, from China, Lithuania and even Iceland!

The next year will see us building on the grass roots network even further at one end and pressing the cause of British Sanatan Dharma to Government and the wider British public. On behalf of the Executive Committee and Trustees, I thank all of our member temples and volunteers for their support and contribution. Also we thank all of the new Temples and organisations who have joined us this past year and invite all Temples who are not yet members to add their wisdom and strength to the team. This year will be a pivotal one for Dharma globally and we welcome all participation with open arms. 

Here's a selection of some of the other activities and events  - please keep revisiting this page as more is being loaded as we speak - and thank you for your support.


Satish K Sharma, General Secretary







BBHS Launches

"What an amazing event.... So much to absorb and a genuine REAL contribution to British Hindu life - Good luck"

(Ms S Dhokia)



On Thursday 3rd July Committee room 14 was filled to capacity, with a further dozen Hindus happy to stand at the back, as the Hindu Temples’ community celebrated 35 years of Hindu service to the religious life of the United Kingdom . “The full hall is proof of how important the BBHS is” commented Pt Madhu V Shastri, Communications Officer of the NCHTUK “.. .and with attendees coming from as far as Newcastle, also shows how much support this NCHT project has from the Hindu grass roots”.

At a time when the world is beginning to increasingly appreciate the beauty and depth of perception of Indias academic and intellectual heritage, the NCHT UK has established the Board to help meet this specific need.  Following an inspiring launch, please join us to help publicise the BBHS in a manner befitting the oldest academic tradition known to the modern world. 

  (click image below to zoom in)


jagatbani fnl sml

 -          PRESS RELEASE –

National Council of Hindu Temples (UK) celebrates 35 years of service and launches the British Board of Hindu Scholars at the House of Commons.

On Thursday 3rd July Committee room 14 was filled to capacity, with a further dozen Hindus happy to stand at the back, as the Hindu Temples’ community celebrated 35 years of Hindu service to the religious life of the United Kingdom . “The full hall is proof of how important the BBHS is” commented Pt Madhu V Shastri, Communications Officer of the NCHTUK “.. .and with attendees coming from as far as Newcastle, also shows how much support this NCHT project has from the Hindu grass roots”.

For over 35 years the members of the Council of the NCHTUK, have been steadily and with gentle determination helping the grass roots Hindu Temple communities to evolve and to find a voice and the current members of the Council seem to be continuing this honourable tradition. The current team of volunteers, led by Cllr Shri Rashmikant Joshi and comprised of the senior executives of over 30 temples, continues to forge ahead with a vision worthy of what is being recognised as the leading national British Hindu organisation.


“If you do the work, the results will come and we are just getting one with what our member Temples have confirmed needs to happen ” commented Satish K Sharma, General Secretary of the NCHTUK. “One thing is absolutely certain, Sanatan Dharma, the oldest and most harmonious of all paths to Divinity, needs a contemporary voice here in the UK, and so the NCHTUK has established the British Board of Hindu Scholars and we hope it will develop into the premier source of academically sound religious guidance on all matters pertaining to Hinduism. ”


The launch at the House of Commons was hosted by Conservative MP Alok Sharma and supported by Conservative MP Bob Blackman who is also the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hindus. “I’m proud to be British and proud to be a Hindu, especially today when our ancient tradition of Scholarship is being promoted” said the Alok Sharma, MP for Reading . . Mr Blackman a well known staunch supporter of British Hindus in his own constituency and nationally, commented on how important it was for this element of Hindu traditions to also become a part of the British academic and religious scene. Noticeable by their absence were the Labour MPS with not a single one attending, even the Hindu ones such as Virendra Sharma MP for Ealing and Seema Malhotra MP. Congratulations and messages of support were received from Sailesh Vara, Minister for Justice and Baroness Verma, Minister of Energy and many other international wellwishers.


News of the BBHS has spread far and wide and over a hundred messages of good will had been received from every corner f the world not least from India itself. Good wishes for the initiative from India came in the person of Col Pravat Panda, a recipient of the Indian Armies’ Gallantry Medal and member of the BJP National Executive, who flew all the way from India to be Guest of Honour and keynote speaker at the event. “Its well known that the ancient Hindu sages gave the world the gifts of their scholarship, gifts like Yoga, the decimal system and mathematics and its wonderful to see that a new generation of young British Hindus are so involved and are now going to be adding their voice to this work. It’s important that people have pride in both their nation and their religion and I’m proud to say that I am a Hindu Indian Nationalist. Hindu’s in this country should be proud to be British Hindus and also proud of their achievements all over the world as well. Their achievements are the product of their culture and I am very proud to see that the BBHS has been launched and can assure everyone that it has the blessings of Hindu’s in India, including those at the highest levels”


Also in attendance were members of Sikh, Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths and other representatives of the multi faith community and their feedback was also very appreciative and encouraging. “It was a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon from beginning to end (though I had to leave before the end, just after the passionate speech on the environment). You kept the programme moving very well and there was a lot of variety in the presentations, questions etc. I thought the poem was beautiful and the young man (Vivek) was stimulating and very clear. All the presentations were thought provoking in different ways, including Satish’s! The audience participated in a very lively way too! So thanks very much again and I look forward to what comes next from the group.” commented a senior member of the Church of Englands Evangelical tradition.


“Hindu Scholars have a unique contribution to make and as has been said by so many, the consistently peaceful, harmonious Hindu communities in every corner of the globe are not freaks of nature, they are products of the deepest wisest understandings and non-Hindus who are genuinely interested in learning why and how they can exist in this gentle successful manner, would do well to study the Hindu scholars and their scriptures” said Satish K Sharma, Chair of the BBHS.

Videos and pictures of the launch will be appearing on the BBHS (www.bbhs.nchtuk.org) website and the NCHTUK website (www.nchtuk.org) or directly from event



Questions from the HCF to Archbishop Welby


National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)

Submission to Hindu Christian Forum for communication to

the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Question 1

Conversion - If British Hindus, and presumably other faiths as well, cannot rely upon you to adhere to your own globally presented commandment “Thou shalt not covet”, please share with us how you expect us to trust you in our lives, temples and homes whilst you covet our children and seek to deprive us of the continuation of our millennia old spiritual beliefs and practices?

Question 2

Caste Legislation - If British Hindus, and presumably other faiths as well, cannot rely upon you to adhere to your own globally presented commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, on what basis do we interact with you henceforth and how do we assess the sanctity of your word? Please explain this to us, it is beyond our comprehension but of critical importance to our Forum and Community and mutual well being.

Background information

Prejudice is defined as follows:-

  • An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge of the facts
  • Any preconceived opinion or feeling, whether positive or negative.
  • An irrational hostile attitude, fear or hatred towards a particular group, race or religion.

Supremacism is defined as follows:-

The belief that a particular race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not.

For an organisation to engage in Conversion, its is a pre requisite for its adherents to believe in the superiority of its own beliefs, even before the religious tenets and foundations of the target religion have been reasonably assessed and considered with an impartial, unjaundiced, rational perspective.  In the past the Church has been rightly accused and found guilty of “contempt prior to investigation” and it has been our hope that this medieval attitude has been left behind.

The Church is actively engaged in converting Hindu children from Hinduism to Christianity against the wishes of the Hindu Community.  It is therefore clear that the Church believes in the superiority of its doctrine and knows little about the Hindu religion and could therefore justifiably be labelled as being both Prejudiced and Supremacist.

Whilst your organisation seeks to alienate our children from their heritage and ancestral connections, to deprive them of the benefit of their social, cultural and spiritual traditions, how can we welcome you and trust you in our homes and amongst our family members?

Integrity requires consistency of thought word and deed. If your thoughts are dominated with the urge to convert, and yet your words speak of friendship, and your actions promote conversion, there appears to be a complete lack of integrity. Isn’t the projection of friendship and dialogue completely duplicitous, whilst covertly, one party seeks to harm the other party?

Please share with us how you expect us to trust you in our lives, temples and homes whilst you covet our children and seek to deprive us of the continuation of our millennia old spiritual beliefs and practices?

The Caste Amendment introduced by Lord Harries was an extraordinary opportunity for the Church to demonstrate its commitment to the teachings of Christ and at the same time demonstrate that there was a genuine desire to promote the common good in the Inter Faith arena.

As we are all aware, the Lords misrepresented the NIESR reports’ clear findings that Caste based prejudice exists overwhelmingly amongst a small contingent of the SIKH community, manipulating the debate with a string of Peers denigrating and vilifying the Hindu religion and British Hindu community. It has now been conclusively established that the data presented by Bishop Lord Harries was false, that there are not 480,000 Dalits in this country (perhaps 15,000), that 50% of British Hindus are not perpetrating caste prejudice upon their Hindu brothers and sisters, and that the wave of vilification of all things Hindu which has accompanied the Caste Consultation, has no basis whatsoever, neither in fact nor in the sacred scriptures of Hindu Dharma.

With this action, Lord Harries acted in a manner which was contrary to the interests of the British Hindu Community, contrary to the spirit of InterFaith and MultiFaith dialogue, contrary to Community Cohesion, contrary to the objects of the Hindu Christian Forum and most importantly, contrary to the commandments upon which the Christian faith is founded. He repeatedly bore false witness and most tragically, even now being aware of his failing, no apology has been forthcoming. With all of that obvious, undisputed wrongdoing on one side, we were stunned that our Christian partners in MultiFaith dialogue, the Christian members of the HCF,  did not publically take the side of right, the side of good, the side of harmony and the side of the innocent victims, choosing instead to close ranks and “toe the Club line”.

If British Hindus cannot rely upon our Christian colleagues to adhere to their own Bibles’ globally trumpeted commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, on what basis do we interact with you henceforth and how do we understand the validity of your word? Please explain this to us, it is beyond our comprehension but of critical importance to our Forum and Community.

The above two questions are at the very heart of the Bridges and Barriers report. We have an opportunity to address the two principal barriers to closer understanding and once these have been overcome, we will at the same time create two very robust bridges along which the genuine traffic of mutual goodwill can flow.  

Hindu’s do not convert because it is irrational and delusional and devoid of divinity. Whatever Higher power created Hindus also created non-Hindus and so we have shared parentage. The rest is obviously politically expedient and clearly man made.

Do we have the courage to face these two issues with honesty and integrity ? The opportunity is in front of us, no-one can afford for us to miss it.

These are the questions which we have asked for the Archbishop to respond to us on and I hope that some of you will find that they resonate with you also.

Warm regards

Satish K Sharma B Sc(Hons) Econ MBCS
General Secretary
National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)

Diwali 2013 - Prime Ministers Message

***** Breaking News *****

The Rt Honourable David Cameron MP

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Recognises the Hindu Contribution in first of its kind

Diwali Message


Text of the message is as follows

I send my best wishes to everyone in Britain and around the world celebrating Diwali and Bandi Chhor.

At this important time of year for the Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist faiths we will see friends and families all over the country come together to celebrate these holy festivals.

The glorious ‘festival of light’ will be celebrated with lighting lamps, devotional singing and prayers at brightly decorated temples and homes, while at Gurdwaras and Sikh households families will celebrate the ‘day of freedom’ and pray for freedom and empowerment for all mankind.

While the festivals of Diwali and Bandi Chhor have different origins, their universal message of hope over despair, light over darkness and good over evil is something that we should all celebrate.

Together with other autumn festivals of Eid al-Adha and Chanukah, Diwali and Bandi Chhor demonstrate many of the common values that we all share.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Britain’s Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist communities for all they do for our country. You make an enormous contribution to Britain in so many ways. From hardworking families that are doing the right thing to entrepreneurs and businesses that are helping create prosperity; from excelling in science and public service to achieving in the arts and sport, your role in our nation is a shining example of how communities can integrate and succeed while retaining a strong and proud identity.

To all those celebrating Diwali or Bandi Chhor I send my warmest greetings.


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