The Nazification of the Hindu AUM

The Nazification of the Holy Aum, the Hindu Symbol of universal harmony and an assault on the spirit of Diwali.


95354 story holocaust WikipediaIt is with sadness that we write regarding an act of great harm and religious violence, the depiction of the Hindu and Sikh sacred image, the Aum/Aumkar syllable, in a manner associating it with the Nazi ideology. The image in itself (which we will not portray here) is sufficient to simultaneously inflame and denigrate but the image was then projected on the Houses of Parliament, on the day before Diwali celebrations are begun worldwide. There have been many holocausts perpetrated around the world but the holocaust inflicted on the non violent Jewish people by the Nazis is the one which still resonates in the living european consciousness as an example of the capacity for humans to descend to levels of blind hatred far beyond the depths of any other living being. The Nazis infected the German people with their hatred for life and inflamed the fears of a whole population, so much so that one vulnerable sector ceased to be human and became merely a label, to be erased without a second thought. The horrors of the Holocaust became the catalyst for humanity to come together and to resolve to enact laws which prevent the hate-inspired labelling of innocent peaceful communities, to prevent the human capacity for irrational hatred, from being inflamed and yet this weekend the British Hindu Community became the target  of a small group of intolerant hatemongers. 


This group of the "professionally and perpetually outraged" calling itself Awaaz and led by Suresh Grover, projected a desecrated image of the Holy Hindu Aum, an ancient symbol of universal harmony and tranquility, onto the Houses of Parliament, identifying Hindus with Nazis. They appear to have had no qualms in leveraging the terrible suffering of the Jewish people in an attempt to vilify a wholly non-violent British Hindu community.  In doing so they ignored decades of legislative effort behind the laws which protect religious and racial freedoms, they tossed aside the efforts of many Governments and billions of pounds of political and legislative investment in nurturing and fostering inter community peace, and they openly attacked a wholly tranquil and fully integrated British Hindu Community. All of this whilst at the same time presenting themselves as "defenders of tolerance" and the "voice of the oppressed" .


In traditional Hindu families, the Aum mantra is the first sound a child hears at birth and the last sound a Hindu aspires to hear at passing. It is the heart of all mantras and is the sound our ascetics retreat to mountain caves to hear, in the depths of meditation. It is the sound which when chanted, brings tranquillity and harmony to the listener and the articulator and is the primal sound – there is no symbol more sacred for Hindu and Dharmic communities.

diwali sriyantraDiwali is the festival where all fears and differences are discarded and Hindus and increasingly non Hindus happily celebrate the universal delight of light and life conquering darkness, fear and death. It is a time for forgiveness and for reaffirming all of our family and community ties with an explosion of light, sound and joy.


This year this sacred symbol, which appears in our NCHTUK logo, was desecrated and this was done at the time of Diwali. Immediately we began to receive calls of horror and dismay and also anger from members of our community nationally and internationally. Our organisation spent much of the day before Diwali calming the more “assertive, reactive and passionate” members of our community, reminding them that the joyous atmosphere and radiant sanctity of the Diwali festival must be protected and that delivering an appropriate response after the festival was over, would be wise. I am pleased to report that largely our advice has been taken and that there were no hasty or violent acts against the perpetrators of this sickening assault on our religious community. 

We are known as a peace loving community but often the strength taken to remain peaceful in such times is misinterpreted as weakness. Over the last 24 months the British Hindu community have borne religious denigration and wholly unjustified humiliation with reserve and resolve assuming that the authorities to whom we delegate the preservation and protection of our human rights, would respond in accordance with law and in the interests of harmonious co-existence. The results have been mixed and educative but I would emphasise that this recent act of religious hatred has now breached all boundaries.


aumsThis is a matter of great significance, we would suggest pivotal significance, to the manner in which the British Hindu and Dharmic community, views its own sense of security here in the UK.  Several Hindu organisations have also commenced own investigations into the persons behind this act of anti-Hindu religious hatred and desecration and we are greatly troubled that the organisations responsible for this act and supporting this act, appear to be associated both with Lambeth Palace and Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP. We will be publishing the findings of the investigations as soon as they have been verified and documented. The British Hindu community wish for nothing more, than to return to our state of working diligently to make the UK a more prosperous, tranquil, healthier, and harmonious nation for all its citizens but this act is such that we are now deeply concerned about the safety of our own rights and freedoms.


We hope and expect that the Law, which we assume protects Hindu religious and human rights and freedoms, will act in a manner which demonstrates that our expectations are not ill founded and that the legal remedies and consequences will be exercsed in a manner which acts as sufficient deterrent to prevent future acts of anti Hindu, indeed all religious, hatred.  Hon Bob Blackman MP and Hon Priti Patel MP have raised the issue with the honourable Speaker of the House regarding the flagrant abuse of the Palace of Westminster itself but it must be emphasised that we are deeply concerned that the Palace of Westminster was used to escalate and fuel the act of nazification of our sacred religious symbols thus expanding the act, globally and that the level of intolerance and friction generated by this act, could not be exceeded. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow MP, who joined British Hindus to celebrate Diwali in Parliament only last week, has initiated an investigation as have the Metropolitan police and the Home Secretary Rt Hon Theresa May has also been informed. In the 21st Century whilst the leaders of the oldest European democracy and the largest democracy were forging critical vital links, seeking to look past difference and senile prejudices, the oldest symbol of universal harmony and tranquility was desecrated - all in the name of religious tolerance and freedoms, on the Houses of Parliament.

NCHTUK - Shubh Diwali! 2015

Shubh Diwali from the NCHTUK!


On the 11th November 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron warmly welcomed British Hindu community leaders and sevaks to his residence at 10 Downing Street, with the blessing "Shubh Diwali" followed by deeply spiritual Sanskrit words of the ancient Hindu Rishis, Kama (sensory passions), Artha (material prosperity), Dharma (Harmonious Purpose) and Mohksha (diminution of attachments).

mdhus1At the annual Downing Street Diwali celebration, he spoke of the valuable contribution of the British Hindu community to British life, in terms of the above four purusharthas (human purposes) and he spoke of the vital contribution that the Hindu philosophy of reverence for Light, encapsulated in the Diwali celebrations, had for all people of all faiths and he wished the British Hindu community prosperity and happiness.

The Prime Minister touched upon the four purusharthas and in doing so, yet again demonstrated his courage and willingness to step out from the boundaries dictated by dogmatic adherence to religious traditions. In invoking the words of the enlightened Hindu Seers, he demonstrated by personal example, an enlightened willingness to explore, to recognise and embrace the ideas and observations of a “foreign” tradition, one which has its roots in a distant antediluvian past, in a land and culture distant from the land of his birth, by many thousands of miles. “Enlightened willingness” to challenge ones own fears, limits and beliefs is at the very heart of the Diwali message and the Prime Ministers courageous example will have a lasting effect on those who have understood its significance.

The enlightening rituals of Diwali, like all of the Hindu celebration, function on many levels. Some are obvious, like those relating to personal and cultural relationships for example, whilst others are more esoteric and adhyatmic (personally spiritual) and there is one aspect which often gets occluded by the smoke of fireworks and the deluge of feasting and celebration and which Prime Minister Cameron demonstrated and that is the aspect of Dharma (Harmonious purpose) and that is what we at the NCHT UK would like to thank him for and to celebrate and applaud this year.

Darkness takes many forms and the darkness of avidya (unharmonious knowledge) is a particularly dangerous darkness, one which is again inflicting untold suffering in many parts of the world. This darkness clouds the radiance of an innocent mind, poisoning it with fear and hatred and false beliefs about other human beings, and as history so clearly shows – leads to atrocities on a scale which makes one shudder in horror.mdhus3

This darkness, which arises out of a refusal to genuinely and with integrity, explore the life and ideas of the “other”, a refusal to consider the simple humanity of the “other”, a refusal to courageously celebrate and take delight in the differences of the “other”, plunges humanity repeatedly into the depths of hatred and unlimited pain.

Lesser leaders and especially religious leaders, too often lack the courage to take these steps, preferring not to risk the discovery of shared humanity, preferring not to risk the discovery of love and warmth to be found in friendship of “others”, preferring not to risk losing dearly treasured beliefs even if they are avidya (unharmonious knowledge) and the cause of their own suffering and the suffering of others.

Prime Minister Cameron in publicly embracing the common purposes of humanity, so eloquently articulated by ancient Hindu sages, has demonstrated this most essential principle of Diwali, the principle of enlightened courage to face ones own “dark unknowingness”, to explore the ideas of the “other” , to challenge and overcome Raavana, the demon of inner fear, and to then emerge a fuller member of the global human family. In a nation steeped in the history of colonial baggage, with some ossified religious relics of a medieval past yet to be “refreshed”, Prime Minister Cameron is to be warmly applauded for his courage, leadership and perception.

We, the Executive Committee members of the National Council of Hindu Temples, on behalf of the Hindu Temples of the United Kingdom, and on behalf of the British Hindu congregations of our Temples, thank him for his hospitality and Diwali celebrations and wish him and his family, a year full of prosperity, happiness and success and we look forward to the Light of Diwali blessing all of his endeavours with success.


Satish K Sharma,

General Secretary

National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)



Tirkey vs Chandokh - the "Anti-Hindu" Caste Crusade continues


Prior to our initial comments below, it would be wise to recall that the British Hindu community is a religious minority here in the UK and that the UK is NOT a "secular" state or country, all religious groups do NOT share protected equality and the proudly evangelical Church of England whose declared goal is the conversion of the indegenous Dharmic people of India and elsewhare, is the Church "established by Law". As such it has powers and influence extending in to every aspect of religious, legal and political life. It would also be worth recalling that 26 Bishops sit in the House of Lords initiating, guiding and scrutinising every piece of legislation which British citizens then abide by. These details may not be known to readers in India but are pertinent to this case. The appointment of the new Archbishop saw the desire to convert non-Christians here in the UK and overseas, trumpeted openly in a manner which would have been impossible in India. Evangelic zeal is the new contribution of Archbishop Welby to our British multi-faith community and it is clear that the British Hindu Community is being targeted.


The Tirkey v Chandokh case commenced as a straightforward Employment Tribunal case, a particluarly grave case, but a case of terrible abuse by an employer, of a vulnerable employee and the judgement issued by the Tribunal has found, quite rightly in favour of Ms Tirkey.  As an employment case, the NCHT(UK) would have had no particlular interest nor indeed opinion regarding such a case, the legal process was initiated and would receive the thorough attention of the juduciary and be concluded on the basis of evidence presented.

Noteworthy is that the initial documents presented by Ms Tirkeys Counsel, contain no mention of "Caste discrimination" at all and it wasnt until the Caste issue had been ignited by the evangelicals in Lambeth Palace and become a part of the British legal landscape, that it was subsequently added to the claim. All of a sudden all of the mistreatment alleged by Ms Tirkeys counsel became attributable to the fact that she was Christian and low caste, and her employers were transformed overnight from being terrible employers to being "naturally casteist Hindus".


The BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34330986) in covering this case uses the word caste 10 times, even though the judgement states clearly that Ms Tirkey is being awarded this money specifically and clearly as rightfully due to her as wages and NOT as a judgement for religious or race discrimination. The caste brand has become synonomous with "Hindu/Sikh nastiness" and the more it can be mentioned the greater the harm to all Hindus Sikhs and Jains everywhere.


There is an English saying "You need hate to hang a Dog" ie prior to killing a dog, you should generate sufficient hate or contempt amongst your neighbours so that when the time comes to deliver the blow, everyone is already prepared to say, without thinking "it was deserved" and Hindus in India and now in Britain have been watching the evangelical movements nurturing of the Caste "anti-brand" at every opportunity, the wholly "Evangelical engineered" anti-hindu brand of "Caste" is being continuously developed and now being regularly applied in any context to do with Indians and Hindus and in this case it has reared its head also.



The sustained denigration of the global Dharmic community (Hindus Sikhs and Jains) is of paramount importance if the right wing fundamentalist evangelical movement is to recover lost ground in the 1st world and "harvest souls" in the 3rd world. Here in the UK the 3 generations of the British Hindu community had made great steps in dissolving Caste consciousness altogether, by continuously creating such conflict issues, we risk its reappearance. Our deepest concern is that the religious politicisation of employment and equality legislation by Lord Harries ( https://aryalegal.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/call-out-the-christian-churches-on-the-caste-system/ ) and his colleagues will shred already fragile inter-faith dialogue in this country and fuel the flames of fear and suspicion in India, but thats always been core to the evangelical strategy of "divide and rule", so succesfully applied for the best part of 500 years.


conversion violence"Christians have always portrayed non-Christian civilizations as backwards, underdeveloped, superstitious, and barbaric. What really underlies all of their criticism is that these cultures do not accept Jesus, the Bible and their western way of life. This is what, in the Christians’ opinion, deems these cultures as needing their help, when in fact the their fervor to destroy any theistic conception other than Christianity or any temple other than a church shows that they are really the ones who are showing the qualities of barbarians." Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who passed away this week.


We note that the judgement does not appear to offer any clarity on how it has concluded that Caste exists nor that caste discrimination actually occurred and we await further details to help clarify the evidence issues, specifically with the aspects of discrimination and hope that our assertion that existing British legislation was adequate, will in fact be confirmed, and that the hasty inclusion of the undefined, unevidenced Evangelical concept of "Caste", was itself nothing short of a wholly unnecessary act of "anti Hindu" religious and racial violence.

NCHT UK - AGM 2017 Press Release




Shree Sanatan Mandir, Leicester.


The AGM held on the 11th June 2017 at Shree Sanatan Mandir Leicester, was a great success. I am pleased to report that the meeting was quorate and attended by passionate, committed Hindu Temple leaders and Council members, all very enthusiastic to express their opinions and to pledge their support to the NCHT, the Trustees and the Committee members present. There were no contested nominations and the following office bearers were elected with unanimonus support. They have assumed their roles and are immediately contactable regarding their areas of responsibility.

Executive Committee Members - Office Bearers

1) President Shri Pt Madhu V Shastri, (Omkarananda Mission) email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2) Vice President Shri Mangat Rai Sharma (Shree Vishwa Hindu Kendra Temple, Southall)
3) General Secretary Shri. Satish K Sharma, (Shree Adhya Shakti Mataji Temple, Cowley) 0208 123 8272 e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4) Asst. Secretary Smt. Vasanti Pandya (The Leicestershire Brahma Samaj, Leicester)
5) Treasurer Shri Kulwant R Gautam (Shree Krishan Mandir, Wolverhampton) email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6) Asst. Treasurer  Shri Parveen Ralhan (Hindu Cultural Society, Slough)
7) Communications Officer Smt. Devinder K Shastri, (Omkarananda Mission) M: 07717 814357 ,e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee Members:                
1) Shri Jagdish Sharma (Shree Geeta Mandir, Birmingham)
2) Shri Jasvant Kalia (Shree Krishan Mandir, Wolverhampton)
3) Shri Pt. Ravi Bhushan (Shree Mahananda Dham, Coventry)
4) Shri Narinder Kumar Kalia (Shree Geeta Mandir, Birmingham)
5) Smt Vibhoothi Acharya (Shree Sanatan Mandir, Leicester)
6) Smt. Rita Sharma (Bhagwati Shakti Peeth, Nottingham)                         
7) Shri Anil Randev    (Shree Bhagwati Shakti Peeth, Nottingham)


1) Shri Rashmikant Joshi (Shree Geeta Bhawan, Leicester)
2) Shri. Jashvant R. Chauhan OBE (Shree Sanatan Mandir &Community Centre, Leicester)
3) Shri. Shri Mahesh C. Prasher (Shree Geeta Bhawan, Leicester)
4) Shri. Sudarshan Kumar Bhatia, (Shree Vishwa Hindu Temple, Southall)
5) Shri Yashpal Tara (Swindon Hindu Temple Trust)   

Co-opted Members                           
1) Shri TL Punj (Shree Mahananda Dham, Coventry)
2) Shri Pradeep Bhardwaj (Swindon Hindu Temple Trust)
3) Shri Raman Barber (Shree Sanatan Mandir, Leicester)

NCHT(UK) Youth Group:  

1) Mr Jayesh Shastri
2) Mr Pramod Prasher

The newly appointed office bearers would like to place on record their appreciation of the phenomenal support the members have given to the Charity over the last two years and I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all who participated with the new clearer and more representative election process.  I would also like to thank the delegates and seniors who attended, for their patient tolerance and warm welcome and I hope to be able to meet with you all again in the very near future.

Finally we would like to thank the Executive and the Sangat of the Shree Sanatan Mandir Leicester, for hosting the event and for their unflinching support for the NCHT UK, its mission and its newly appointed Team. More reports and pictures will be posted very soon.

Kind regards

sks sig 


Shri Satish K Sharma,

General Secretary









Hindu Sikh & Jain response to the Caste Legislation


Dr Jasdev Singh Rai

(British Sikh Consultative Forum)


Shr Satish K Sharma, General Secretary, 

(National Council of Hindu Temples UK)


present the conclusions of their three years of research into the mischievous

Lord Harris Caste Amendment




Hindu Sikhs & Jains - United against Colonial attitude behind the

"anti multi faith" Lord Harries Caste Amendment







Dr Swamy Blesses Hindu Sikh Unity with Visit to London Gurudwara

Dr Subramanian Swamy takes UK by Storm

Hindus come of "Political" Age in the UK


One of the most high profile Indian politicians, anti-Corruption crusader come champion of the people, Dr Subramanian Swamy, arrived in London flying on the winds of great expectations and anticipation. A series of events organised by the National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHTUK) called ‘Dharma Rising’, gave oxygen to the masses to engage in productive, positive debate reflecting upon issues ranging from interfaith dialogue, relationships between India and the UK, the British General Election and the Indian Diaspora.

The series of events took place at venues from London, Slough and Birmingham. In a dramatic gesture of goodwill between the Hindu and Sikh community, Dr Swamy became the first Indian politician to be welcomed in any Gurdwara in the West since 1984. This was a truly inspirational coming together of the Dharmic communities since the Congress governments' "Operation Blue Star" storming of the Sri Harmandar Sahib, also known as the ‘Golden Temple’.

Commenting on this momentous event one of the Sikh community leaders Jasdev Singh said, ‘It was an honour and a privilege to be the conduit to foster this incredible bridging dialogue between the British Hindu and Sikh communities. The discussions were frank and honest. Dr Swamy showed why he is known as a man of principle. He understood the concerns of the Sikh community and gave undertakings to take the matter up directly with the Indian Government. It was an icebreaker and in one meeting Dr Swamy and the leaders of the Sikh Gurdwaras and Hindu Temples were able to achieve more progress than has happened in the past 30 years’.

Satish K Sharma the General Secretary of the NCHTUK added, ‘The events of 1984 have been traumatic for the people of India and all Dharmic faith communities, with completely innocent Hindu and Sikh lives lost. In what can be described as a gesture of fostering peace and harmony by the Sikh community in the UK, the visit of Dr Swamy to the Hounslow Gurudwara may well become the very foundation of moving forward on seeking justice and reparations for what took place in 1984. I applaud the British Sikh community for their openness and for taking this step no matter how hard, for the very welfare and well being of all Dharmic communities’.

The "Dharma Rising" events kicked off on 4th April at the Sant Nirankari Bhavan Hall in Wednesbury. Dr Swamy was joined by Dr Gautam Sen a leading commentator on economics and international affairs, and ably supported by Dr Koenraad Elst a leading international Orientalist.

Shri Rajiv Malhotra, bestselling author of Breaking India, Being Different and Indra's Net, joined the event live from the USA via video conferencing to great excitement by the audience.

The main event was on 5th April at the Dhamecha Hall in Harrow which was followed by the very first ‘Dharma Rakshak Awards’ VIP dinner. The ‘Dharma Rakshak’ awards are conferred on those individuals who courageously stand for human rights above all other rights, often facing challenges from within their own communities, and who also fearlessly confront their own prejudices and beliefs. The first recipients of these prestigious awards are:

Bob Blackman MP: Conservative British Politician who championed Hindu and Kashmiri issues fearlessly and is a confirmed friend of India.

Dr Sheikh Muhammad A Husseini: for fearless Religious Debate.

Dr Koenraad Elst: for excellence in Academic research.

Hindu Human Rights Team: for grassroots Activism in the UK.

Kapil Dudakia: for robust socio-political commentary in the Media.

The British Hindu Manifesto was also launched in collaboration with the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) and other leading organisations. In discussions with Dr Swamy, the Sikh community and the Hindu community, it became clear that the issue of the 'Caste Legislation’ will become the dividing line between the political parties in the coming elections. It was unanimously agreed by all taking part that the Caste legislation must be repealed and that every Party leader will be asked to confirm their position. The Hindu, Sikh & Jain communities denounce the legislation as divisive and regressive. The legislation is ill-conceived and not established in fact, sound research or evidence. It’s bad law, orchestrated and dogmatically pursued by the Labour Party. Trupti Patel the President of the HFB said ‘The NCHTUK have to be commended for this series of very informative and enlightening events. It has given impetus to the launch of the British Hindu Manifesto, in collaboration with the NCHT. The manifesto details ten points and we will ask every Party leader to confirm their exact positions. The Hindu community have come of age; they will make a difference in GE2015’.

In what was described as a scintillating, robust and informative presentation, Kapil Dudakia a lead Columnist and commentator on political issues talked about the ‘Political Hindu’. He left the audience in no doubt as the fundamentals of what affects the Hindu community were brought into sharp focus. Commenting after his talk he said, ‘It’s vitally important that the often double speak of the politician is exposed. The Westminster village often ignores the voters, but they all too often ignore our community completely. I wanted to bring out a few issues to distil fact from fiction with verifiable evidence. I am thrilled that so many in the audience picked up on the issues and one hopes this energy will spread’.

The last word goes to Dr Subramanian Swamy who said "Britain is a country which brings back for me pleasant memories of my six months stay during the Emergency in 1976, and I like to see the mix of cultures, faiths, languages and much much more.  My best wishes to the British Hindu people that they will further integrate into the very fabric of British democratic society.  The British Hindu community in particular has already adjusted in this very well and it is important that their contributions are fully recognised, as their capacity to enhance community cohesion by way of the value system they bring to the table.  I am very happy to be in the UK again and look forward to being back in the future."

For further details :=

Satish K Sharma

General Secretary

Tel:-     0208 123 8272,

Email:-   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web:-     www.nchtuk.org


Dharma:   The concept of Dharma is not yet clear in the British Mind (Hindu or otherwise) and we wish for this to change. The concept of Dharma proposes that there is a natural order for all of life to co-exist which leads to the harmonious evolution of all creatures and all souls. This natural order permits all of life to grow and expand and live ebulliently and ecstatically whilst supporting all of the interconnections of all creatures. The cultural habits of Hindus have developed in accordance with this order and this is why Hindus the world over have no difficulty in integrating, being successful and thriving irrespective of which nation they live in.

Dharma Rakshak:    in the awards context means  ‘Protector of Righteousness and Civic Harmony’

British Hindu Manifesto:     Launched on 5th April 2015. Further details on our website.


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